Kane Bio

Kane made hid first professional wrestling debut in 1992 in St. Louis. He worked for USWA, then SMW before finding his way to the WWF competing as Dr. Issac Yankem DDS and was Jerry "the king" Lawler's private dentist. In 1997 the Kane we know came to be as he was packaged as the younger brother of the Undertaker. The storyline says that Paul Bearer and Undertakers mother bore Kane. Undertakers parents owned the funeral home and Paul Bearer was an employee. When they were children Undertaker accidentally burned down the funeral home killing his parents. Paul Bearer was able to save himself and Kane. When things went sour between Paul Bearer and Undertaker Paul brought Kane in to destroy his half brother. They've had many encounters since this time. Kane ended up turning into a face (good guy) a few years later and began teaming up with Undertaker as "Brothers of Destruction". Over the years he has been back and forth as a heel and a face and has been the WWE champion, tag team champion (with Undertaker), Hardcore champion, Intercontinental champion and world tag team champion eight times. After the WWF split into Smackdown and Raw brands Kane spent most of the time at Raw and has been on Smackdown since October, 2006 and has been one of Smackdowns biggest stars. At Wrestlemania XXIV Kane won a 24 man battle royal which gave the winner a shot at the ECW champion Chavo Guerrero's belt that same night. Kane then defeated Chavo Guerrero in about 6 seconds to become the ECW champion.

Kane Facts:

Birth name: Glenn Thomas Jacobs
Birth date: April 26, 1968
Nickname: The Big Red Machine
Height: 7 ft
Finishing move: Chokeslam from hell

In 1988-89 was an NCAA basketball all star